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Locations of visitors to this pageWelcome to this very simple home page of the Airio LFS Tracker. It is a tool designed to enhance the marvellous online racing simulator Live for Speed, giving players all sorts of additional information and options and giving admins more possibilities in managing the server(s). Airio connects to a specified LFS server InSim port listening for all data provided there and acts based on these data. Take a look inside the Features Overview page to learn a bit more.

Currently you may see Airio running on AirAttack LFS servers, specifically [AA] Formula BMW, [AA] Rallycross GTI, or [AA] Blackwood GTI. You'll find all currently running Airio instances and managed servers on the dynamically updated Servers page. To check the tool you must download/install LFS, register for online demo usage, and then connect to one of the mentioned servers.


The Airio documentation is not quite up-to-date, unfortunately. Recently many new features were added and it is kind of tedious to update descriptions. Anyway, combining the current manuals with Changelog should provide you with every info you need. If you look inside the files, you'll see they are rather lengthy. That is because Airio does not fall into a category of applications that can be readily understood without reading a single line of explanation. But I believe the time invested into reading the available information will soon pay off both to users and to admins and will help you to realize all the possibilities.

  • The user part is made as intuitive as possible, offering customizing GUI and a help system. Still, some principles are likely to escape understanding. Examples of these are when personal data are saved and what do all the timing numbers mean. All this is explained in detail in User Manual.
  • The Airio administration part is explained in detail in Admin Manual. From that document you will learn how to setup and configure Airio and manage it using limad and admin commands. For general users these are rather unimportant concerns, but for people intending to run Airio on their servers this document is a must read.
  • There is one more document available, the Full Version Manual describing user and admin options of Airio with advanced features not included in the FREE version.


The Airio tracker is currently feature complete and fully tested/debugged. You should realize however that as in any larger project there may still be hidden bugs and inconsistencies. The application was officially released on January 4th, 2009 as announced in this LFS Forum thread.

Airio is a complex system using just about every available LFS feature and giving admins and users dozens of configuration options. If you'd like to get the current version of the tracker, visit the Downloads page. It would then be nice of you to write into the forum your experiences with configuring and running the system – what you liked, what you missed and such.

While I'm ready to give you advices and to try to solve possible troubles, it would be a good idea to search first for answers in user and admin manuals (see above). There are many hints on how things work and you should be able to deduce even matters that may not be explicitly mentioned there.


Developing the Airio LFS tracker took and still takes a lot of time. If you like the application and would love to see its development go further, help me to spend more time on it by donating a few (or more) euros, dollars or pounds. You can then request a new feature and I will seriously consider implementing it, if that is reasonably possible.

It is also possible to get for sufficient donation the FULL Airio version offering advanced features that may always be seen on the AirAttack LFS servers and also elsewhere. The Full Version Manual explains what these user/admin advanced features and options are. See the Downloads page for more information about "sufficient donation".

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