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General Features

Airio offers many features to both users and admins. The following is just a few picks and tips:

User Features

  • Completely customizable with possibility to turn on/off any information. All text a user may see is fully localizable.
  • Free renaming (change of nickname) with immediate update in all stats.
  • Always gathering extensive personal/server stats.
  • Tracking split/sector/lap times with comparisons to selectable base (WR, PB, ...).
  • Race best values and generally good/great/top times reported.
  • Many filters protecting racers from others – bad language, wrong way driving, idling on track, too high speed (crash), too good time (speed hack), lagging, ignoring blue flag, etc.
  • Airio can check for prohibited nicknames (e.g. unnamed) and prevent flooding the server with text messages.
  • It allows to limit number of race rejoins, checks speeding in pits, may prohibit some car setup options (certain tyres, automatic gears, traction control).
  • There's a possibility to define restricted zones even in demo, specific by car type if needed.
  • LFSW stats may be downloaded and displayed.
  • Airio may kick inactive people (not racing properly) and lock the server – people without certain PB (on server or in LFSW) cannot join race.
  • Exact travelled distance is measured and optionally displayed.
  • Point system may be custom-defined.
  • To chat area goes many useful information, such as why someone was kicked or what you should (not) do.
  • If someone is being kicked or spectated by Airio, he always sees the reason, in his selected language, so that he may take corrective steps.
  • Global Airio usage statistics may be shown.

To grasp the full scope of things Airio is doing for racers read the User Manual.

Admin Features

  • Runs under Windows and also under Linux with Mono installed.
  • Airio can manage any reasonable number of servers at the same time, one instance running, common statistic files with updates/improvements immediately visible everywhere.
  • The application is easily and extensively configurable using external text files, everything can be changed/updated live, without shutting down the application or disconnecting it from server(s).
  • All events (people joining, crossing split points, etc.) incl. chat are logged to check on any troubles later.
  • Every midnight a new log is started, the old one renamed and kept.
  • Any filter can be turned on/off individually, they may also be all turned off all at once.
  • Airio fully supports all S2 features, autocross layouts, all track/car combinations, drag races. It implements definable track rotation schemes.
  • Airio may assign penalties for car reset. It allows to race for set time + 1 lap (e.g. 5 minutes + 1 lap after the time expires and leader enters new/last lap).
  • Airio can manage voting – e.g. always cancel race end votes, allow restart voting only on lap 1, then some time after the race finish.
  • Races may be automatically restarted with countdown.
  • Server prime time may be defined with certain lap time required to join races, it may be dynamically turned on and off.
  • Cascading penalties may be defined, e.g. 5 forced spectatings = kick, 5 kicks in one day = ban.
  • Airio supports import and export of LFS Lapper's stats files, PB.txt or PB.elp.
  • Any number of people with limited admin (limad) rights in several categories may be defined, applied on connect.
  • All limad and admin Airio commands (starting with !, just like user commands) are hidden. All (user and admin) commands from dedicated server console (or through Remote/IRC) are hidden as well.

The above are just some points coming to mind, there's much more in the Admin Manual.

Full Version Features

  • Private messages allow people to talk to anyone (or any group of people) online privately.
  • Server messages allow to send messages to anyone currently offline – message displays when he connects.
  • People may use soft splits defining additional configurable spots on track for more timing data.
  • Live stats can be sent and processed by external scripts to see usage statistics.
  • Communication through IRC can be used, giving full remote access to Airio and the servers.
  • Running votes may be immediately completed by limads. Such people may also be protected.
  • System logs are together with all data files (configuration, statistics) zipped and optionally sent to some FTP server to preserve stored info.
  • Custom and scheduled commands may be defined, automating or simplifying many activities.

To learn about other FULL version features read the Full Version Manual.

Graphical Output

Let's take a look at some of the graphical elements the Airio offers. You should know that lists representing output of commands may be directed either into chat area (where it will not be in the way but also scroll out eventually) or into buttons shown in the middle of the screen (where it stays as long as you wish or need). The selection is a matter of personal preferences.


Airio offers extensive GUI for choosing many personal parameters. All custom selections are stored and everyone may choose what data interest him and block the rest. [Shift+i]

Complete user messages localization is supported, users can change language by just a single click. [Shift+i, CZ]


Users and admins require data and actions from Airio by special commands all of which start with exclamation point (!). Because there are many of commands available, help system with short descriptions is available. [!h1]

The help items are separated into several groups. [!h2]

It is good to know which Airio version runs on the server and how many instances/servers/people are being managed by Airio locally and globally. [!ver]


Airio gathers and stores extensive statistics. They may be called by anyone for example at the server level. [!sb]

Server statistics are basically compilations of data from people's personal statistics. Airio stores many items and creates lots of listings. [!pb]

Also players' summary is available, showing all track/car combinations with some values stored. To enter some of the statistics admins may first require some reasonable lap time (e.g. 1.1 × current WR). [!pi]

Airio keeps stats in many areas, some of them unique. See below for an example, race time. [!race]

Admins may define custom point system with possibility to turn gained points into ranks in the FULL version. The last three numbers in the following picture represent podium positions (1st-2nd-3rd) in races. [!total]

Race Data

During or after race you may take a look at some race statistics, e.g. best split at any point. [!sp]

It is possible to see race theoretical lap or some best sector. [!sc 2]

Top speed may also be of interest. [!sd]

People may get points for races and groups of races called series. [!pts]

LFS World Data

When properly configured Airio downloads data from LFSW and processes it for easier understanding. Here is a command output with data you'd have to calculate yourself if using the /w commands. The WR table is updated every hour. [!wr]

Everyone may easily see his own (or anyone else's of the currently connected people) LFSW record. [!pr]

To quickly scan abilities of other people a nice list of LFSW (or server, if LFSW data are for some reason not available) lap times may be easily called. [!tm]


Admins may define custom server rules, notes and FAQ lines. [Shift+i, Server Rules]

Airio supports the principle of "limited admins" a.k.a. limads. They are people (recognized by registered username) with certain privileges on the server(s) and special commands available. [!l]

Admins themselves have tools to manipulate with many aspects of Airio and LFS server(s). [!a]

Admins and limads may see detailed data about each player including lagging percentage. [!pl]

Sometimes it is handy to recall usernames of people that disconnected recently. [!rn]

Server state may also be shown by a simple command. [!st]

Textual Output

Naturally the above shown graphical listings and other data or options are not the only thing Airio offers. In fact most information appear in the chat area, where you may see things like causes of kicks, steps to take to correct your car setup after being spectated, warnings, race best/good times, points being given, commands used by other people and many other things all of which you can turn on and off one by one in the preferences screen.

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