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FREE Airio

Below you'll find a link to download all the necessary files. First though I suggest you read the Admin Manual and see what it needs (e.g. .NET Framework 2.0 or Mono, dedicated LFS server) and what it currently does not support (single player mode, AI cars). If you are then confident your system and intentions meet the requirements and possibilities, get the application, set it up, configure, run and test. Again, admin manual describes all the necessary steps – see particularly the Running Airio and Configuring Airio sections there. Well, there's in fact only one thing your really must configure (LFS server connection data), the rest is optional.

  • FREE Airio 2.5.8 (all necessary files and basic configuration instructions included)

If you can successfully run the application and feel it is giving you a good service, please consider seriously donating some money to keep its development going further. If you cannot run the application or it reports strange errors, just let me know and I'll try to find and correct the cause of troubles as soon as possible. It may also help to see the Airio.log file with detailed information about every action and error.

  • Airio 2.3f Lang (updated language pack, includes EN, CZ, GE, RU, PL, EE, FR, FI, SE, SP, HU, CA)

Language pack is optional, without it Airio offers only EN. Install user languages by copying the MSG files into Airio folder and typing !rld in the running instance. The following other languages are almost done: EE, PT, LT, IT. If you can create a new localization (look inside the EN file in language pack), contact me please, Airio may support many languages. Note that the translations were created by other people and that I am offering the files with their explicit consent. Please respect their work.

PTH files allow Airio to check correct driving (without cutting), observing pit exit lines and to allow idling when off the path. Just unpack the PTH files into Airio directory and type !rld. Do not forget to turn on the required path/joining checks.

FULL and PROS Airio

There also exist FULL and PROS Airio versions running always on the AirAttack LFS servers and elsewhere. They give users and admins more options and features some of which you'll find explained in the Full Version Manual. The requirements and file formats of these versions are exactly the same as in the case of FREE version, but FULL and PROS Airio is not and probably will never be available for direct download. It is also the platform where most of the developments and updates take place.

To get both FULL and PROS version a sufficient donation to support further Airio development is required. The money allow me to spend more time developing and supporting Airio, implementing new features and ideas. Concerning "sufficient donation" I feel a bit of explanation is needed. You need to realize it is a server tool, one running instance used by many people on (possibly) several servers at the same time. It would not be correct to say that a LFS licence costs say 30 Euros, Airio should cost max 10 Euros and even that is a bit too much for an add-on. While S2 licence is per-user, Airio is per-team (several servers).

With the above explanation I hope most interested people will realize that 29 € for FULL version resp. 49 € for PROS version is really the lowest donation I may consider "sufficient". For this you get FULL or PROS version containing team licence (shown in
command output and elsewhere) and all foreseeable future updates. From my part I'd expect you'll run just one instance (or two in case of PROS) connected to your team servers and that you will keep the compile private, not spreading it among friends.

Once I see donation via PayPal or MoneyBookers (it takes just one or two minutes) we'll get into contact (using e-mail, private messages in LFS Forum, ICQ or MSN) and I'll generate licence file for you containing your custom text (e.g. ^1Air^7Attack ^4Racing). You'll get this licence file, which needs to be in Airio folder or the application will refuse to start, and also link to the latest FULL/PROS compile, which is currently different from the freely available one. All updates are then announced using e-mail together with link.

The natural question is what is the difference between FULL and PROS version. FULL is created for smaller team or interested individuals. It can connect only to four servers and it does not contain private/server messages, custom banning system and server logging with follow-up features such as temporary IP bans. PROS contains everything there is, limited but relatively high number of connected servers, two separate instances with one licence file allowed, plus all of the AIRW features.


Aonio is a client-side tool (while Airio is server-side), a tracer connecting locally to your LFS instance and featuring many optional panels with adjustable positions and all kinds of additional information – exact remaining fuel, locations of cars around you, time distance to other drivers, status of server you're connected to, live comparison to your best lap, etc.

  • Aonio 1.5.8 (all necessary files and basic configuration instructions included)

Airio Logos

Below you'll find Airio logos (created by Hyperdrive and JoRuss) to use on your Web pages or on car skins. Be creative in their usage, just know that the Airio primary colours are yellow (gold) and black (shades of gray) or white, which you should respect.


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