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Change Log

Here we have an overview of all changes in increasing Airio versions. You may see what was updated/added/solved since your last update and e.g. transfer the new configuration items into existing files. Unless such items are mentioned it is sufficient to overwrite just Airio.exe (executable) and Airio.pdb (debug info) files.

Airio 2.5.9 (under development)

  • Numberplate text check now includes also prohibited names (PName) set in CFG, not only curses.
  • FULL: Slightly updated the FTP download routine so that even Windows listing is correctly processed.
  • PROS: Custom user commands are now replicated to the chat for everyone who has commands display active.
  • Added {RaceTrack} and {RaceDay} as two new variables usable in custom messages, both in buttons and chat lines. The first one shows races finished on the current track while the second one shows today's number of the current race.

Airio 2.5.8 (2011-09-07)

  • FULL: Added BHost to CFG file, allowing to refuse all connections coming from certain hostnames, as reported by DNS when IP capturing from server log is active. All connections from hosts that include one of the BHost items will be terminated. Note that this may potentially hurt many innocent people, so all such kicks are reported as "temporarily not allowed".
  • FULL: Added MinimalExperience to SRV as a potential safety measure to fight with bad people creating new demo accounts constantly. All people with LFS experience below this limit will be kicked, again as "temporarily not allowed". Use with great caution and only in desperate times, because just as BHost it is a very restrictive measure.
  • Split Replac in CFG (defining character replacements for text checks) to Replac1 and Replac2. The first items are applied only for nickname checks and if defined properly may prevent taking on nicknames with forbidden team tags or appearing just like other nicknames which causes confusion. The second items are together with the first applied to all other text checks, such as bad words in chat or on numberplates.
  • Added two more items to CFG that allow to keep the statistics cleaner by removing long unused combo data with low number of laps, StatsLogBase and StatsLogMultiply. First sets the logarithm base for the calculation done on combo laps, the second then multiplies the result. If the result of the following calculation is more than the days since this combo was last used by a certain user, the data item is removed from stats: max_days = logbase(combo_laps + 1) * multiply
  • FULL: Updated some AIRW clean lap evaluations by adding a lag check (lag of 1 second or more will make the lap invalid) and by improving the near cars check. These are not major changes, so even data from lower Airio version are accepted.
  • FULL: It's happened that one of my demo test accounts (MidlifeCrisis) was stolen. I do not know if this was done by guessing the password or through some more clever means, but it's happened. (I wrote to developers about this serious problem, no answer.) As a result, people under Airio FULL/PROS can now use new !pwd command to set their personal AIRW username password. If a password is set, it is required on each connect, and if not typed in correctly (using !pwd pass), the guy is kicked for security. This will not prevent your account from possibly being stolen, but it will prevent its misuse under advanced Airios 2.5.8+.
  • As a final security measure (all of which are results of attacks on AA demo servers), there is also now a nickname check. When somebody joins race with a nickname that Airio does not expect to see (for example an empty one, as it is possible, even without renaming), security kick immediately follows.
  • Added MaxSecurityDisconnects to CFG giving temporary LFS ban to people being repeatedly OOSed (disconnected for security because of some installed LFS modifications).
  • The way RaceLaps in TCD and race times shown by !race(s) work is changed. RaceLap now specifies minimum number of laps in a race, not exact number. Also the former race times were unreliable due to a rare but existing LFS start time bug. For this reason race times are now calculated from the 1st split of the 1st lap to the finish of the lap set by RaceLaps.
  • FULL: Renamed ExtendedChampInfo to ExtendedChampPointInfo in SRV. Added ExtendedTotalPointInfo to SRV. Renamed ExtendedTimeInfo to ExtendedChampTimeInfo in SRV. Added ExtendedTotalTimeInfo to SRV. This gives admins more options about what kind of points/times to stress, if any.
  • Added LapsDailyIncrease, AveragesDailyIncrease, and RacesDailyIncrease to CFG. These can be used to make the output of !laps, !avgs, and !races more dynamic, moving to a bit worse time every day, allowing new people to fight for lead. Values are in centiseconds (1 = 0.01s).
  • FULL: Added VoteRankMinimum and VoteRateMinimum to SRV, allowing to specify minimum rank/rate levels (not absolute values) to start a kick/ban vote.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added BHost, Replac1, StatsLogBase, StatsLogMultiply, MaxSecurityDisconnects, LapsDailyIncrease, AveragesDailyIncrease, RacesDailyIncrease , renamed Replac to Replac2. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added MinimalExperience, ExtendedTotalPointInfo, ExtendedTotalTimeInfo, VoteRankMinimum, VoteRateMinimum. Commands – Added !pwd.

Airio 2.5.7 (2011-08-08)

  • FULL: Corrected a serious bug in the important AIRW clean laps handling, just as several other bugs e.g. in lap data saving. All AIRW data coming from version 2.5.6 are ignored. Only standard track data are processed by AIRW from version 2.5.5, custom track data are accepted only from version 2.5.7 (and newer).
  • FULL: If server log listening is active and IP addresses of connecting people are captured, their ping time is checked on almost every race join. The resulting average ping value is shown in !pl output as milliseconds.
  • Added !pld (player data) command showing LFS-reported info about drivers, such as symmetric wheels, brake help, and controls used. These were earlier part of !pl, but now are moved under separate command, because of space needed.
  • PROS: Added support for 8 more custom tracks: A13 A23 A33 F21 F23 F31 F32 K33. Now there are 28 custom tracks.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – None. Commands – Added !pld.

Airio 2.5.6 (2011-08-04)

  • The !track admin command now accepts track/layout entries in the form of e.g. !track AU1_CONE5. This will load AU1 track and then AU1_CONE5 layout, accompanied by info messages about the track and layout being loaded. The !track user command now also shows full site/track name of the next track in rotation.
  • PROS: The admin !track command recognizes supported custom tracks on open layouts, such as !track A23. This will first load AS2X track and then open AS2X_A23 layout, again with information messages.
  • PROS: All supported custom tracks (e.g. K31R, B11, A23R) can now be used in rotation strings. Also voting for these tracks after race end is fully and transparently implemented, using data from rotation configuration.
  • Added !stop admin command. It does the same as !quit, but suspends Airio, waiting for a keypress in the console. This may prevent unwanted application restart by certain services.
  • Debugged and improved display of multipage output (vertically extensive lists) and unusually long tabulated textual items (horizontally extensive records), incl. page separators.
  • All people accepting race info messages will see not only other drivers' pit stop time, but also work done during the pit stop (damage, body, wheels, refuel, setup, none).
  • PROS: Added support for several more custom tracks (with reversed versions). Corresponding layout (LYT) files, path (PTH) files, and the custom track definitions in CFG are required for full functionality.
  • PROS: When appearing with a car in pitlane on most custom tracks, a direction indicator is shown pointing the right way to go. Also WRONG WAY is displayed to people going the wrong way on custom tracks.
  • PROS: Additionally, WRONG ROUTE may be displayed to anyone whose car location (node) on custom track is unknown, depending on CheckRoute setting in SRV. Cars taking the wrong route for a prolonged period may be spectated using new WrongRouteSpec item in SRV file.
  • FULL: Now also prohibited cars are checked when doing pre-join tests, and the results are reported in !mc output.
  • Changed the underlying SQLite database structure, if this option is used. There's no croses table anymore and the users and combos tables contain new calculated columns allowing for much faster searching/sorting. The database is re-imported when Airio 2.5.6 is run for the first time, so no manual intervention is required.
  • If available, SQLite is now used when gathering data for the most expensive !pi and !pb commands that include various data sorting operations. The speed-up should be very well noticeable on all instances with extensive data stored. On test sets the !pi speed has risen by a factor of 10, while !pb exhibited a factor of 5.
  • New UnicodeLapperNicknames item in CFG allows to use Unicode nicknames in Lapper export file (PB.txt) instead of raw LFS code nicknames. This should enable direct display of the data on Web pages and other external stat overviews.
  • FULL: On Airio startup any layout currently loaded from the LFS server is reloaded to make sure all data are available for custom track checks.
  • In SRV there are new items allowing to define custom messages shown to people causing yellow and blue flags while in race, perhaps with behaviour tips, YellowFlagMessage and BlueFlagMessage. Using FlagMessageDelay it is possible to prevent excessive spam.
  • Added DisallowAnySpeeding to SRV file, allowing to spectate all people going over 80 kmph in the pitlane. Updated RepeatBlue so that it is possible to give different number of blue flag warnings based on the driver's safety rating. New CheckIdlingQual in the SRV configuration file allows to remove idling cars also from qualification or practice.
  • Moved CheckRacePath and RacePathDelay from SRV to CFG, where they as stats-influencing values belong.
  • FULL: Added StoreOnlyAirwPbs and StoreOnlyAirwTbs to CFG file, allowing to have on all servers only completely clean lap data as PB (personal best) and TB (theoretical best) combo lap times.
  • Added new !tls command showing list of total laps. The list can be limited to any track/car/combo and can be also filtered.
  • Car contact info messages now belong under private data category selectable among personal options (!opt).
  • Debugged and updated some other unspecified issues and inconsistencies, incl. idling and wrong way driving checks.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added UnicodeLapperNicknames, CheckRacePath, RacePathDelay. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added CheckRoute, WrongRouteSpec, YellowFlagMessage, BlueFlagMessage, FlagMessageDelay, DisallowAnySpeeding, CheckIdlingQual, StoreOnlyAirwPbs, StoreOnlyAirwTbs. Removed CheckRacePath, RacePathDelay. Commands – Added !stop, !tls.

 Airio 2.5.5 (2011-06-27)

  • FULL: Added UploadLapperData to CFG, allowing to regularly export and upload LFS Lapper PB.txt file to a FTP location.
  • FULL: Added available cars checks, reporting, and disabling. The cars to be pre-checked for later joining are set using new CarsToCheck item in SRV file. The pre-check runs automatically for individual users whenever the race joining conditions may change. The join pre-checks cover the following settings: lap time, rating, license, rank, experience.
  • FULL: Anyone can re-run the car joining pre-check by using a new !mycars (!mc) command. The above mentioned 5 items are checked again, resulting in a display of all pre-checked, available, and unavailable cars (with failed condition).
  • FULL: Admins may prevent many bad race joins using MakeCarsUnavailable item in SRV. If set to true, all pre-checked cars that do not pass the joining check for a user will become unavailable to him, meaning the user cannot selected them on the LFS Cars screen. Under specific conditions no cars may be available for certain people. Custom cars are fully supported.
  • Added a new !pli (player info) command. It shows additional details about currently connected people: last raced info (R), numberplate text (P),  skin name (S), current fuel (F, from Aonio), and unavailable cars (C, FULL only, see above).
  • PROS: Implemented extensive support for special half-official custom tracks on open sites that are new in LFS patch 0.6. If a specific track/layout combination is used on server, Airio recognizes it as a custom track, assigning it a special name (e.g. A12, F11, or K32R). All personal best lap/average/race times in all cars are then stored under the virtual track name.
  • PROS: The custom tracks support is extended also to AIRW (Airio World web database), ammending the LFSW functionality. Through AIRW people have personal best lap times on custom tracks (and with custom cars) and there are also online clean laps, the best of which is a custom track world record. All the AIRW data are available in Airio.
  • PROS: Only custom tracks with special custom-made path (PTH) files are recognized. These files must be available in Airio PTH folder for processing. They allow to detect wrong way driving, idling, race positions, clean laps, etc. Without the special PTH files it is not a custom track, but an open site with layout, such as AS2Y_A22.
  • PROS: The AIRW clean laps (for online WRs and good laps) are now invalidated also for the following reasons: Going to ground or grass, touching a wall, hitting an object, touching an other car, disappearing from path on custom tracks.
  • All admin commands from any connection are now recorded in Airio log. As a safety measure, if a connection acts like an admin but Airio did not recognize it as such, that connection is terminated (the user is kicked for security).
  • All contacts between cars in race are now stored in Airio log and optionally also reported to the appropriate users incl. the collision closing speed. This could be used to e.g. know immediately who was that guy who just hit you intentionally.
  • New command !cv immediately cancels all race votes (restart, end, qualify), just as restart countdown and track voting. This command and the following (see below) is available to limads from level set by EnableCancel in the CFG file.
  • New command !ck immediately cancels the running kick/ban vote. In FULL version all invalid votes (against limads or higher ranked/rated people etc.) are simply cancelled. The vote starter is notified about the reason and will be kicked for bad voting only after several bad votes. The number is set by NumBadVotes in SRV.
  • If tyre check is active (CheckTyres), people are normally spectated for bad tyres. Using WarnTyres in SRV they may be just warned using big buttons on screen (requiring to click on OK), but remain on track. The same applies to passengers check (CheckPassengers) and new WarnPassengers item in SRV.
  • FULL: For spam-loving admins ShowLicenceOnJoin in SRV may be se to true, showing then drivers' licences on every race join. There's one minute delay before showing the licence again, to prevent abuse. People may still hide license info.
  • FULL: Using ExperienceLimit in CFG it is possible to hide very low LFS Experience Indexes (LFSEI) and prevent spamming.
  • FULL: Using ExtendedPlayerInfo the standard messages about rank, rating, licence, and experience may be extended by actual values. ExtendedChampInfo may be used to add details about champ positions to points and podiums. Finally ExtendedTimeInfo could add messages about champ time improvements: lap, average, and race.
  • FULL: Some spectate/kick reasons are now accompanied by details, shown only to limads/admins. For example if Airio banning system is used, remaining days of ban are shown. If someone is spectated for security, speed, acceleration or spinning is stated as the reason. The same applies to other spec/kick information, such as bad language.
  • Aonio support is slightly changed and extended. Fuel info is expected in a different format and Airio will respond to requests for track name on open sites with layout loaded (in PROS version). For all this, Aonio version 1.5.3 or newer is required.
  • PROS: Updated limitations of servers that can be connected to max. 6 demo servers, max. 6 licensed servers, and max. 10 servers in total per one Airio PROS license. As before, the license can be used twice at the same time, if really necessary (e.g. because of configuration limitations), but the total number of servers (sum) must be observed. The FREE and FULL versions are still limited to 4 connected servers.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added EnableCancel, ExperienceLimit, UploadLapperData. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt –  Added CarsToCheck, MakeCarsUnavailable, NumBadVotes, ShowLicenceOnJoin, ExtendedPlayerInfo, ExtendedChampInfo, ExtendedTimeInfo, WarnTyres, WarnPassengers. Commands – Added !mycars (!mc), !pli, !cv, !ck.

Airio 2.5.4 (2011-06-17)

This is just the Aegio library update, Airio files are still of version 2.5.3, reporting as such.

  • Aegio: Support for new InSim packets/information in LFS patch 0.6B. Older library versions are NOT compatible with this and future LFS patches.
  • Aegio: Improved and streamlined packets handling, processing correctly both merged and split TCP packets.

 Airio 2.5.3 (2011-03-17)

  • FULL: Added a new personal option allowing display of a chequered flag, with all podiums and the driver result, in the appropriate car category in case of multiclass racing. Added SetResultsInfo to the SRV file to allow admins to specify the initial or default state of this personal option.
  • Added NoCountdownVote to the SRV file. When set to true, all race restart and race end votes will be cancelled when the restart/end countdown is already running (if there are more than VotePlayers connected). This will make sure race will be restarted on time and not earlier.
  • Added KmWeight to the SRV file, allowing to specify safety rating increase per each kilometre of completed laps. Path files are required. This is to differentiate the safety rating increase on short and long tracks. Also added MinWeight to the SRV file, which can increase rating for slower cars on each lap finish. This allows to simply balance lap finish safety rating improvements for all types of tracks and cars.
  • Unnamed and Login are no longer hard-coded wrong names, but they are by default specified in the common CFG file. People with wrong names can only spectate.
  • Already for some time, information shown the the smaller buttons/lines in the middle of the screen can be formatted using tabulators, entered as \t in Airio configuration files. Newly the custom text can be also split at any place into two screens, which the user sees by clicking on Next or Previous standard buttons. This split is marked by \n at the end (!) of some line. Both screens have the same 1st line (heading), all other lines are changing. Applicable e.g. in ButtnMotd.
  • FULL: Added {BansPermanent} and {BansTemporary} variables usable in custom text and replaced by the total number of current permanent (BName in CFG file) and temporary (only in custom banning system) ban counts.
  • Implemented very benevolent, still limiting checks concerning the number of servers connected to one Airio (license) and the number of laps configured. This is to prevent running too many servers from one Airio. The expected limitations of PROS version are: Maximum 7 demo servers, maximum one of each demo combo for 3 or less laps, total servers max. 10.
  • Corrected server numbering from 0-3 allowed in FREE/FULL to 1-4, which is more natural. Connection 0 is not supported.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added SetResultsInfo, NoCountdownVote, KmWeight, MinWeight. Commands – None.

Airio 2.5.2 (2011-02-27)

  • PROS: Added new !tmc command showing connected peoples' best AIRW clean lap times. Car type can be optionally set.
  • Added a multiple commands check, which runs constantly. Commands (both textual and using buttons) issued in quick succession are ignored for a few seconds. This may prevent command spamming and possible system overload.
  • PROS: Improved the AIRW data being sent and received, especially in the area of clean laps that are shown as online best laps in standard cars and world records in supported custom cars. HostRate in CFG file must be set to 5 or higher and only people with LFSEI above 150 will be processed to limit cheating. The LFSEI limit also means only people with available (not hidden) LFSW stats can be stored in the AIRW database.
  • Removed a nasty glitch that could under special circumstances erase some player data, such as safety rating.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – None. Commands – Added !tmc.

Airio 2.5.1 (2010-11-22)

  • Added PointsToAll to the SRV file. When set to true, at least the lowest points are given to every reasonable finisher (by default with 80% of the winner laps or more), regardless of his race position.
  • Added OneQualificationJoin to the SRV file. If set to true, people may join track in qualification only once – any Shift+P or Shift+S will end their qualifying session, improvement not possible anymore.
  • Added InTopShowWR and InTopShowBL to the CFG file. If true (default), current LFSW WR and AIRW BL (best lap, PROS version only) times will be included in !sb and !tb outputs where applicable.
  • Extended unbanning options. Using EnableUnbanLimited in CFG file even lower limads may have the right to unban recently banned people, possibly by mistake or bad popular voting. Only recently disconnected/kicked/banned list will be searched, containing 24 names. Limads may call the list using !rn and in FULL version they can use the Act button, typing u as action.
  • FULL: Finished the promised TeamSpeak3 support and extended it to the level similar of the IRC support. Airio can now be connected to a TS3 server as a server query tool and it may respond to special commands send using private chat. For normal TS3 users it will respond just to !status or !ss command, showing status of all connected servers. For people that are in the group of TS3 admins defined by TS3AdminGroup in CFG file also a powerful !conn or !cn command will be available. Using this command admins may connect as host to any server running under the Airio instance. And as the host they can chat with people, see all that is going on, and use all Airio and LFS commands, gaining complete remote control.
  • FULL: Added ShowRankOnJoin to the SRV file. If set to true, peoples' ranks (total points) are not shown on connect but on every race join. On populated licensed servers this setting may mean serious additional spamming, so use it with care.
  • FULL: Using VoteLFSEIDifference in the SRV file it is now possible to partially protect highly experienced people from voting.
  • Using FinishMsg in the SRV file it is possible to display in chat some info/message on every race finish. (That is when the leader completes the race last lap.)
  • PROS: By SendDataToAIRW in the SRV file it is possible to disable sending user/track/car/lap data to the AIRW database. This item must be set to false e.g. on tweaked servers running under Airio PROS. By default it is set to true.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added InTopShowWR, InTopShowBL, EnableUnbanLimited, TS3AdminGroup. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added PointsToAll, OneQualificationJoin, ShowRankOnJoin, VoteLFSEIDifference, SendDataToAIRW, FinishMsg. Commands – None.

Airio 2.5.0 (2010-09-19)

  • Added SpecFalseStart to the SRV file. If true, people jumping race start will be always spectated, not just penalized. Also added PitFalseStart allowing to send people with false race start to the pitlane.
  • Improved waved yellow flag so that it is not raised as often inappropriately (when two different parts of track are close).
  • PROS: Extended list bans command (!lb) by an optional filter string starting with *. List of current Airio bans is displayed also to limads with limited ban rights (level 2 by default). Corrected rotation string entering when on an "external" track – races finished are counted even in this case.
  • Changed a bit the "last raced" message optionally displayed for every new connection. Instead of date and time it contains date and elapsed days since last racing in parenthesis, such as (3.8), which seems to be more usable information.
  • Added SpinCheckOnlyOnTrack and SpeedCheckOnlyOnTrack to the SRV file. If set to true, the excessive speed and spin (crash) checks are run only when the crashing car is on the proper racing path, not when crashing elsewhere.
  • FULL: Improved several aspects of the site/track voting feature. There's no initial track rotation now, which was causing troubles. There are information texts not to join race while voting runs. If someone violates the voting sequence by joining race and restarting, he is kicked for bad behaviour, race end is called again and new voting starts. For people using commands with output to buttons during voting the output is ignored and correct updated voting stats are displayed. Also new people connected during voting see up-to-date vote menu and may take part.
  • PROS: Added support for online display of clean (good) AIRW laps. New !cls (clean laps) command shows AIRW good laps in a fashion very similar to !sb (server best) display. New !cl command has a format very similar to !pr (personal record)and shows detailed data of certain driver's good lap in particular combo. Both commands support only current track and if required clean laps data are not available the user is advised to join the track with the particular car first.
  • To limit external communication and to speed up data gathering the downloaded personal data (from LFSW and AIRW) are stored for one hour for each user, and if the user reconnects during the time these local versions are applied. Because of numerous security disconnects this may/should reduce external communication to around 50% of the previous level.
  • People with limited ban rights (by default limads level 2) can also ban using the recently disconnected list, both manually (using !ban) and graphically (using !rn in FULL version).
  • Enforced one of Airio basic requirements by always spectating people joining race from connection 0 (zero). Airio expects the use of a dedicated LFS server, where connection 0 is the host, and as such it is handled in a special way. Also note that it is important for the host to use English language, otherwise some events are not captured and various problems result.
  • FULL: Added four shortcut commands to show player's position in the four main categories. These are !myrank, !myrate, and !myexpe. They correspond to existing !ptt #, !safe #, resp. !exs # commands. Additionally !mylice is supported equal to !sb # or !avgs # (also !av) with the output showing now licences based on instance and server configuration.
  • Slightly extended the output of !ver and !state (!st) commands. The !state command is no more limited to admins, but its items are not localized and the command is not part of user help screens.
  • FULL: Implemented basic experimental support for TeamSpeak3 server. Using new TS3ServerIP, TS3QueryPort, and TS3ClientPort items in the CFG file connection to a TS3 server can be established. For now this query client will only announce itself and uniformly respond to private messages to prove it is listening. In the future complete servers and Airio control will be available to the members of TS3 admin group, similar to ICR functionality.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added TS3ServerIP, TS3QueryPort, TS3ClientPort. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added SpecFalseStart, PitFalseStart, SpinCheckOnlyOnTrack, SpeedCheckOnlyOnTrack. Commands – Added !cl, !cls,
, !mylice, !myrate, !myexpe.

Airio 2.4.9 (2010-08-22)

  • The initial safety rating settings were moved to the CFG file, where they logically belong, because these rating items should be instance-wide and not server-specific. It concerns the following items: StartRate, ExperienceRate, RateStability, RateWarning, and RateLimit. These items will be ignored in SRV file and if they do not exist in the CFG file, Airio defaults will apply to everyone. Weight values of specific actions remain in SRV file and may be adjusted for individual servers.
  • Added RateDailyDecrease to CFG file. The small negative value is relatively applied to everyone who was not racing for the day at any of the connected servers. Inactive people will not stay at the top of the !safe list indefinitely now.
  • Implemented advanced acceleration check as an additional measure for fighting cheaters. The check is run together with speed check (CheckSpeed must be true in SRV file) and it uses two values specified using new AllowedAccel item(s) in TCD file, configurable for each track/car individually. The first integer sets minimum speed in kmph – acceleration is measured only above the speed. The second integer number sets allowed speed increase in three seconds, again in kmph. Anyone with higher speed increase detected is spectated for security. When defining the 3 second speed increase a certain safety margin is necessary, because speed reported by server for individual cars is not an exact and perfectly reliable factor.
  • Added SiteList (with 7 two-letter codes) and SiteName (with 7 full names) items to the CFG file, naming all available track sites. Change here will be necessary only when new site(s) are added to LFS (uhm).
  • Added RotateMinutes to SRV file. It works limilarly to RotateRaces, but instead of races finished elapsed minutes since last track load/change are used. Note that just like the number of races the elapsed minutes are compared only on race finish. If there is no race, there will be no race end with following track rotation called.
  • FULL: Added a RotateRandom and RotateEnter to the SRV file. If already on track that is part of rotation string, the first item will simply choose next track randomly, not in the sequence specified by rotation string. All tracks are equal in this respect, so even the current track can be again chosen. All settings specified in rotation for the track string are applied. Similarly, the 2nd item will randomly choose one of the rotated tracks in case the current track is not part of rotation string. By default both are false – rotation is predictable and there is no rotation if some unrotated track is currently loaded.
  • FULL: Added RotateVote to the SRV file. Despite the simple true or false setting this is in fact the most important feature of the version, hopefully appreciated by many LFS users. If track rotation string is defined and race end is called (by voting to end race or automatically) and this item is true (default), the rotation string is analyzed, included sites and tracks read. Then a menu appears allowing all connected people to vote for the next track to switch to. First site (AS, BL, etc.) must be chosen and then specific track on the site. All people have equal votes, they may vote for each site/track only once, but they may also vote for more sites/tracks at the same time (left-click) and remove their earlier votes (right-click). Both votings run for 15 seconds with countdown, current votes are displayed to everyone, and at the end the site/track with most votes is selected and loaded (with all applicable settings in the rotation string). In case of equal votes one of the most required items is selected randomly. In case of no votes the selection is simply cancelled. uhm, do you like democracy?
  • Moved AllowedSectrTime and AllowedSplitTime from SRV file to the TCD, where they logically belong. Current values in the SRV file will be ignored. Using TCD it is possible to set higher under-WR ratios e.g. for the oval.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added StartRate, ExperienceRate, RateStability, RateWarning, RateLimit (from SRV file), added RateDailyDecrease. Airio.tcd.txt – Added AllowedAccel, SiteList, SiteName, AllowedSectrTime, AllowedSplitTime (from SRV file). Airio.srv.txt – Removed StartRate, ExperienceRate, RateStability, RateWarning, RateLimit (to CFG file), added RotateMinutes, RotateRandom, RotateEnter, RotateVote, removed AllowedSectrTime, AllowedSplitTime (to TCD file). Commands – None.

 Airio 2.4.8 (2010-08-06)

  • PROS: Added correct race join check to be sure only valid data are sent and applied to AIRW. In case race join routine end in error for some reason, no subsequent timing data are sent.
  • FULL: Improved server log handling, if activated using LogServer and LFSPath in SRV file. During daily backup the server logs are copied into lfs folder under Airio and zipped for possible later inspection. Also IP address capturing works much better now and will not fail in correct assignment even when there are people connecting in quick succession.
  • Added new !cat command showing number of cars currently on track in every supported or defined category. It may be used for a quick review of cars usage e.g. on multiclass racing servers.
  • FULL: Extended server locking options. The manual or automatic (depending on server time and number of connections) server lock (activated or checked using !lk admin command) may be used to limit race joining by rank, licence, rating, experience and/or lap time. There are new LockByRank, LockByLicence, LockByRating, LockByExperience, and LockByLapTime items in the SRV file. Activating any of the first for means the specific condition will apply only when the server is locked, not at other times.
  • Added several other parameters that can be used in custom texts (welcome messages, spectate info) and that will be replaced in runtime by actual data. In FREE version currently these parameters are supported: {NickName}, {UserName}, {CurrTime}, {CurrDate}, {CurrTimeUTC}, {CurrDateUTC}, {CurrTrack}, {CurrCar}, {CurrCategory}, {ServerName}.
    In FULL version these are added: {LimadStatus}, {CurrRateValue}, {CurrRateText}, {CurrRankValue}, {CurrRankText}, {CurrLiceValue}, {CurrLiceText}, {CurrExpeValue}, {CurrExpeText}. The parameters always refer to the current player, to whom the message is being shown. Example: BadRating=^6Your rating : ^3{CurrRateText} ^7({CurrRateValue}%)

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added LockByRank, LockByLicence, LockByRating, LockByExperience, LockByLapTime. Commands – Added !cat.

Airio 2.4.7 (2010-07-25)

  • FULL: Added ShowWavedBlueFlag to the SRV file. If set to true, users will see special WAVED BLUE FLAG message in case there are more lapping cars approaching from behind. Also added ShowWavedYellowFlag that would show special WAVED YELLOW FLAG message in case the car causing yellow flag is reasonably close in front and also on the standard race path. Additionally WavedYellowGap sets in seconds the time gap of cars potentially affected by the waved yellow flag.
  • FULL: Added ClosePitAtRaceStart and ClosePitAtLap1Finish to the SRV file. The items disable joins in the race early stages, either for full 1st lap or from last split of the first lap. The pitlane opens when the first split of the second lap is reached. Additional ClosePitMinDrivers in the same file allows to leave the pitlane open in case there's not enough cars on track. Also added BadRejoin to the SRV file to better explain the spectate cause.
  • The !rls command, which is reloading stats of all currently connected people, possibly after major data manipulation, also updates good, maximum (to enter stats) and minimum (to be kicked) split/sector/lap times of people on track.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added ShowWavedBlueFlag, ShowWavedYellowFlag, WavedYellowGap, ClosePitAtRaceStart, ClosePitAtLap1Finish, BadRejoin. Commands – None.

 Airio 2.4.6 (2010-07-14)

  • Added LogDebugs to the CFG file, allowing to turn on/off Airio debugging messages. These are used for completely new features, watching temporarily some parameters (e.g. speed in braking zones), and older things exhibiting rare errors with as yet unknown cause. Also new admin command !deb will start printing debug messages among chat lines.
  • Corrected a very unpleasant bug in manual track change handling resulting sometimes in incorrect car type stored in stats and sent to AIRW database. PROS: The AIRW site will be accepting data only from Airio 2.4.6 or newer (when available).
  • When somebody has blocked messages, Airio will not display to him commands entered/used by other people. This state persists until the messages are unblocked or the user types something (except commands).
  • When one car type is used in !sb (and its variants !top and !near) or !tb command, the current WR lap time is also shown in the output title row. Furthermore current valid world record (both in standard and supported custom cars) is shown as a separate entry (or entries, when multiple cars are listed).
  • The StoreAll item in CFG file was replaced by StoreAllFor specifying in days for how long to keep basic (top level) data of users without any PB stored in stats. By default this info is kept for 30 days for everyone finishing at least one lap or causing at least one safety rating update.
  • Added an admin/statistics command to carry out SQL operations on the database, !sql or !dbc. When SELECT command is used the output will show the total number of rows and columns returned plus first six column headers and first nineteen rows. When other SQL commands are used, such as UPDATE, only the total number of affected records is returned.
  • Improved import to the SQLite database by !dbi and export from it by !dbe so that this does not block other processing.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – Added LogDebugs, StoreAllFor, removed StoreAll. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – None. Commands – Added !dbc, !sql, !deb. Note: SQLite is NOT YET the primary source of all Airio statistics. If you carry out e.g. data delete operation using SQLite and want to apply the changes to Airio statistics, database export is necessary, using !dbe. Then, if there were users connected at the export time, their statistics may need to be reloaded using !rls.

Airio 2.4.5 (2010-06-28)

  • FREE: SQLite support is now available in all Airio versions. Extended the SQLite database by two more tables (one for possible future use) and corrected some queries. Update to the new structure and import of all existing data is automatic. Also !rld will now respond to changes made in the UseSQLite item, opening (importing) or closing the database as needed.
  • The SQLite database file Airio.db3 is now part of daily backup. In the FREE version it is stored in log directory with date and .txt file extension, in the FULL version it is part of daily ZIP backup (with optional upload to a FTP server).
  • As another step towards complete SQLite database support, export command is available, !dbe. While !dbi imports hash table (textual files) statistics into the database, !dbe does the opposite, exporting data from database into the internal hash tables. That means it is now possible to do changes to the database externally (using some management client, SQL commands) and then apply !dbe, updating all internal tables with the new data. The export takes just a few seconds.
  • New !rls command can be used to reload all currently connected peoples' statistics from internal tables. This may be required especially after using the above explained new data export command, !dbe. Both commands require Airio admin status and also rights to manipulate with the statistics (see EnableStats in CFG file).
  • Updated and double checked all data saving events to make this important function more reliable.
  • Added RestartOnTrackChange into the SRV file, allowing to automatically restart race starting after track change from the lobby (race end screen). Correct grid sorting e.g. by car speed can thus be achieved.

Configuration: Airio.cfg.txt – None. Airio.tcd.txt – None. Airio.srv.txt – Added RestartOnTrackChange. Commands – Added !dbe, !rls. Note: When using (experimenting with) SQLite, please make frequent backups, because the functionality is still being developed.

Airio 2.4.4

  • The changelog items of this version and other older versions are on a separate page.

Airio 2.2.9

  • The changelog items of this version and all older versions are on a separate page.

To Be Done

These things are planned to be included in future Airio releases. They are listed approximately in the order I plan to add them, determined by usability and compatibility with the current design.

Priority requests

  • Update button IDs so that they're used in a better way.
  • FULL: Make command to call external script and show response in chat or buttons.
  • FULL: Add endurance racing support (ignoring disconnects).
  • FULL: Display data about voting drivers, keep voting stats.
  • FULL: Maybe store warn, spec/pit, kick, and ban statistics.
  • Allow setting of max. ban length for all limad levels and force the value.
  • Add messages/buttons to show on 1st and subsequent race joins.

Near future

  • FULL: Create joker lap zones + additional info.
  • Add options to prohibit drifting. Check for bump-drafting.
  • Allow special drivers' labels (additional text).
  • FULL: Support team definitions and display of combined points (race, event, series).
  • FULL: Improve private messages, allow messages between servers, definable static groups.
  • FULL: Add event sign-ups/display/management.
  • FULL: Convert soft splits measuring to MCI count.

InSim requests

Here are some things that would be cool to have available as InSim info, because certain Airio improvements would then be possible. But these need to be implemented or corrected by LFS developers.


  • Move TC info from car [only IS_NPL] to player data [IS_NPL, IS_PFL, etc.], announce change on track (such as with AG).
  • Support (at least) a new bit saying if car is damaged (for pit work), make eng. damage available.
  • Allow sending "hidden" info to InSim apps on clients (such as /i is used for server info).
  • Include avg. tyre and clutch temperature in OutGauge data, make oil/eng. temperatures work.

Not posted

  • Report engine damage, allow resetting the damage on leaving pits (anti-cheat for endurance races).

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